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The 12 pairs of cranial nerves are nerves that have an origin in the brain.  Each cranial nerve has unique functions it performs.  The 12 nerves vary in their primary functions as sensory, motor, or mixed nerves.  Many of the senses, like sight, taste, and hearing are possible because of one or more of the cranial nerves.  In this wiki page you will learn about each of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves and the purpose they serve for all of us in our day to day functioning.  You will also learn about the effects diseases, disorders, and damage to these nerves will have on the functioning of an affected person.  The goal of this wiki page is to create an appreciation for the many things your cranial nerves allow you to do.

12 Cranial Nerves Mnemonic

Oh Once One Takes The Anatomy Final Very Good Vacations Are Heavenly


Oh  – Olfactory Nerve (I)

Once – Optic Nerve (II)

One – Oculomotor Nerve (III)

Takes – Trochlear Nerve (IV)

The – Trigeminal Nerve (V)

Anatomy – Abducens Nerve (VI)

Final – Facial Nerve (VII)

Very – Vestibulocochlear Nerve (VIII)

Good – Glossopharyngeal Nerve (IX)

Vacations – Vagus Nerve (X)

Are – Acessory Nerve (XI)

Heavenly – Hypoglossal Nerve (XII)

Cranial Nerve Song

The Cranial Nerves song covers the 12 pairs of cranial nerves and their functions.  The song is sung to the music of popular songs you may recognize.  This song will provide an overview for the information you will find on the following pages.  The song is somewhat lengthy so feel free to watch the video in sections as you move your way through the pages.

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15 thoughts on “12 Cranial Nerves Home

  1. So far the pages and information look great. However, there is one problem I am having. As funny/intriguing the background picture is, it is distracting in that it makes it hard to read some of your text. It a good idea to change it so that it is easier to read.

  2. Hey guys, love the page. I think having the mnemonic and song are a great way to connect the information and make the material fun. One take away from this section i have is that second picture right under the mnemonic is a bit small. Making that larger might make it easier to connect the mnemonic to the image. I think the changes you’ve made so far have worked well for your page. Keep it up!

    • Thank you. The mnemonic song is pretty catchy I found my self singing it. The second picture had been enlarged so it is easier to read. Thank you for the suggestion. Also, if you get the chance take a look at the polls we put up on the Cranial Nerve Conclusion page.

  3. Maybe the order of Nerve pair 0 and the assesment should be switched… other than that great job I love the way you made a different tab for each pair, that made is very easy to follow along.

  4. Hey guys I just realized that you used the same video several time. The video is not that clear so it makes it a little bit hard to hear and it gets pretty repetitive. A good way to get the same result is possibly using the same picture on each tab but highlighting a different section each time. This could eliminate the repetition yet still show each nerve in comparison to all the other nevers.

    • Thank you for the suggestion, I think you may have been referring to the video pointing out the olfactory and optic nerves as that was the only video that was repeated anywhere in the wiki page. I think the video works best on the olfactory nerve page.

  5. It will be better if video is put into another category rather than on the introduction page, it is a little bit confusing when the Cranial nerve song and the work cited page are on the same page.

    • I think I see what your saying about the cranial nerve song followed by literature cited, but those are the citations for that page specifically. We appreciate the comments.

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